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Why u should Exhibit & be part of Recommerce Expo in Bangalore

Why you should exhibit in Recommerce Expo 2019


When you understand the business of Refurbished Electronic products & E-waste recycling, you understand that how huge is the market for refurbished products & E-waste Recycling and how big is the recommerce business & what are the possibilities.


There’s a growing trend towards transforming consumption through reuse. And what’s emerging as its central idea is deceptively simple: one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.


As a distributor, vendor, supplier, E-commerce player you always wanted to reach out to people & your potential customer. This upcoming exhibition in Bangalore Recommerce Expo gives you the perfect  platform to show your products and meet people from different part of the country also experience products with lot of range & varieties.


Why you should Exhibit in RECOMMERCE EXPO 2019?



  • All the Eminent speaker will share the knowledge, information and future prospects about Refurbished business & E-waste Recycling Management in India.


  •  A 3 Day Exhibition along with a parallel 2 Day Conference will give a stage to trade, debate and discuss the existing challenges and chart-out the way ahead for this silently yet a fast-growing sector.

There is always a question in your mind that how it is good to exhibit your Refurbished Electronic products in any expo, but the most important aspect of this exhibition is its Uniqueness. India currently has more than 30 million Smartphone users. With the rampant growth of sharing economy, the potential of  ReCommerce is sure to expand in India.




As you know that refurbished & E-waste Recycling business is the fresh entrant in the market with full of prosperity. Even E-commerce players like Amazon & Flip kart has their separate sections in their businesses.


This exhibition is the perfect opportunity for every participating exhibitor to explore and reaching out to people directly. You will feel that it’s worth participating in this event, after taking part in it.