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What is Refurbished phone? When Should I Buy Refurbished Electronics?

What exactly does refurbished meaning is?
Have you ever bought a refurbished mobile, refurbished laptop or any refurbished electronic product. Some of you might have aware about these products or some of you might have heard it for the first time.
So let me elaborate more about Refurbished meaning for you.

Refurbish meaning is Renovate or Redeveloped!

Refurbished mobile, refurbished iphone or refurbished laptop are basically those products which are returned to the seller because of some manufacturing and functioning defect, There are companies who are buying the old products also with some offers, then it is purchased by the refurbished companies/seller and then these electronics or items are repaired again under full quality check with best industrial standards and sold again.

The refurbished products are different from the ones available on OLX and Quikr, where the products are neither required, nor do they provide warranty. The refurbished items' list includes factory (seconds) to e-Commerce/retail returns and open box products, aside from only second-hand-and-repaired products. and some of the refurbished companies gives warranty also.

Refurbishing any product will minimize one of the biggest problems of today’s time and that is E-waste and also Creates a new world of business that is called  Recommence.

Refurbished Market size in india

According to the latest report released by Counterpoint Research, the refurbished smartphone shipments in India grew 41% YoY in Q2 2018, which is more than double the growth rate new smartphone shipments clocked in the quarter. This made India the fastest growing refurbished smartphones market, ahead of the China and USA.

According to Deloitte, the refurbished market grows five times faster than the overall smartphone market. Growth in the resale market is expected to outpace all e-commerce and retail sectors in the coming years.Also in India refurbished market is expected to reach US$4 billion by 2020.So there is a huge market & possibilities for Refurbished Electronic products.

Is it good to buy refurbished Electronic product?

It’s very important to check some of the aspects before buying the Refurbished Electronics, Firstly it’s important that we should check whether the seller is reputable or not. Is the seller is giving us Certified refurbished product or not ,Because Certified refurbished meaning is tested, approved and after that product called as certified refurbished product. So checking the quality is most important.
Anyone who has ever worked in retail industry can explain you that products are returned for a reasons unrelated to defects. Retailers commonly have a 30 day return policy for electronics, and returns often happen as a result of buyer’s return, or the customer had purchased other product, or didn’t like some feature about the product.

Other reasons for a product being labelled as refurbished include:

·        The product incurred minor exterior damage from shipping;

·        The product served as a demo unit on the floor of a storeroom or tradeshow;

·        The product is an overstocked item not sold by the time the next generation becomes available.

The best advice is to buy from a reputable authorized dealer that gets refurbished products direct from the manufacturer. This ensures that appropriate quality assurance measures were taken in restoring the that customers get satisfied from the service.

Where to buy Refurbished product?

This is the most important thing when you buy refurbished: only shop at reputable places. Generally speaking, the bigger the brand is, the better your chances are of getting a properly tested device with a decent warranty.

 Here are a few official outlets that we recommend:

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Final Word

In general, technology experts are enthusiastic about refurbished electronics. They say that as long as you buy from a reputable source, you can get a product that works just like new for a fraction of the cost.
Venkat Patil