Recommerce Expo

Recommerce Expo 2020 will include an exclusive two-day knowledge and networking conference debating challenges facing the sector

Key topics at the conference:

  • Best in collection procedure and practices, effective implementation of EPR
  • Structuring the reuse and refurbish products sector as an organized market
  • Standardizing and augmenting pre-owned electronic devices market
  • Creating a dynamic market place with warranties and other services
  • Quality check certifications and standards
  • Logistical challenges for heavy reuse and refurbished products
  • Customization of refurbished products
  • Building trust factor among consumers for refurbished products
  • Creating a buyer experience in the re-use and refurbished products sector
  • Regulatory and taxing mechanism for reused and refurbished products market
  • Scope for insurance companies in the reused and refurbished products market
  • Latest recycling technology, materials recovery solutions, end of life strategies, as well as regulatory and business models to help reduce environmental impact
  • Manufacture of green electronics by using sustainable materials

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Conference Agenda

Day 1
Day 2
Session Detail
Session 1 – Opening Keynote address. 1)To learn more about the challenges and opprtunities encountered by an EPR Implementation.
2)Acknowledgement of efforts done to streamline the refurbished Industry.
Session 2 – Global understanding on E-waste. Exposing the information about E-waste business on Global Prospect and more about Refurbishment Industry. By WEEE
Session 3 – Food for thought To understand EPR Guideline Practice practices and Success stories and how well can its implementation be done.
Session 4 – Supply chain/ Reverse logistics How to build E-waste business needs cost effective and Robotic Supply chain and reverse logistic Supports
Session Detail
Session 6 – Spotlight session Eco friendly and Green Tecnology to Extract Precious Metals from E-waste
Session 7 – Taxation Panel 1)Short update on Current taxation laws in India for Refurbished and E-waste management.
2)How tax relaxation will create better business Environment and help the segment to create business and job opportunities.
Session 8 – Road Map-2025 Transparency, legitimacy, and nitration of technology can give a pace and bring in partnerships to create sustainable ECO-SYSTEM and Derive a road Map for 2025
Session 9 – Data destruction pannel A brief informative discussion on data Destruction and data recovery best practices.