It Is High Time We Do Something About It

As we swiftly race towards technological advancements, one aspect we need to carefully monitor and effectively manage is Electronic Waste. Adoption of technology is growing with each passing day. There are new versions of smart devices getting launched every moment in global markets by leading tech companies.

The magnitude of chips, integrated circuit boards, display panels, white goods, touch screens and embedded electronic structures being manufactured for a more advanced user experience is literally putting enormous pressure on our ecosystem. Precious minerals like Cobalt, Gold, Silver, Titanium etc… that form the basic element of any smart device are mined at a human cost

Are we being responsible towards our technological progress? Are we doing enough to make sure we are recycling and reusing our electronic devices to keep a healthy balance in our eco-system?

Recommerce Expo 2019 shall be dealing with this important topic of E-Waste Management by creating a dialogue with all the major stakeholders involved in e-Waste, Electronic Product Manufacturing, Dealers, Distributors, Resellers, Recyclers, Refurbishing Companies and End Users to raise awareness and education about responsible E-Waste Management.

If you are a company that’s innovatively and efficiently managing Electronic Waste, this is one platform that you should not miss out on!! Recommerce is looking forward to bring together all E-Waste generating elements on one platform right from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to the End-User and finally even the Refurbisher who would be modifying the device.

Check out our option of Bulk Trade that would be encouraging Corporates to effectively trade and manage their E-Waste efficiently,


Large Scale & High Volume IT Infrastructure Disposal, Trading and Buying Platform

Recommerce 2019 will act as a Bulk Trading Platform for all your high-volume IT Infrastructure Disposal and Trading needs. Recommerce 2019 Bulk Trade will engage the big players possessing large-quantities of e-Waste or IT Infrastructure to be disposed off and looking out for the right partner giving the best deals. This trade fair platform will be your best opportunity to network with a global pool of Refurbishing Companies & Partners.

Recommerce Expo exhibition in bangalore

Also, if you are an NGO, Academic Institution or a Start-Up in need of high volume and budgeted IT Infrastructure, Recommerce 2019 would be an ideal platform to network with the right partners to procure the best deals.

Any 1000+ employee organization generates a substantial amount of e-Waste or needs to dispose off its IT Infrastructure on a periodic basis. If you are an organization looking forward to disposing off a substantial amount of IT Infrastructure, Recommerce 2019 will be an ideal platform to find the best deals to dispose off your high-volume IT Infrastructure.

Help us with your details below and we shall work out to find the best deal and the right partner;


Managing E-Waste has become the mandate of the hour and if you are a company having the capacity to refurbish large volumes of IT Infrastructure and Electronic Products, Recommerce 2019 will be a one-stop platform to procure some of the best high-volume deals on Refurbishing.

Help us with your details below and we shall work out to find the best deal and the right partner;