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Dilip Boralkar

Dilip Boralkar

Environmental Scientist
Former Member of National Committee on E-Waste Central Pollution Control Board

Dr. Boralkar is well-known environmental scientist of national and international repute. He has done pioneering work in India for evolving methodology of assessment, quantification of e waste generation, tracking of waste movement, environmental pollution problems, etc. Assessment of Electronic Waste in Mumbai-Pune Area was done under his supervision and report published in March 2007. The study included existing collection and recycling system; pollution problems and risks associated, quantification of e waste; evaluation of capabilities of stake holders and infrastructure for recycling and disposal, analysis of environmental and social sustainability of present system, development of PPP proposal for e waste management and determination of e-trade economics. Dr. Boralkar had been Chairman of Expert Group on E-Waste Management at MPCB and Member of National Committee on Electronic Waste Management at Central Pollution Control Board. Dr. Boralkar is author of a book on “Waste Minimisation”. There are over 45 research publications to his credit and he is recognised Ph.D. Guide at S.P. Pune Unievrsity. Dr. Boralkar is bestowed with the “Environmental Leadership Award” (2005) by USAID and USAEP and is also a recipient of the “Paryawaran Bhushan” award (2014) from R.O. MPCB, Pune and ECI, Pune. (visit: www.boralkar.com)